Word on the Street - Ken's Tips for the Perfect Skyline Shot


Chicago is known for its picturesque cityscape. Creatives from all over come into town just to snap a photo of that famous skyline. Our senior creative manager, Ken, has been working at Goose Island for 12 years and taking photos since he was just 14 years old. He sat down with us to give you his best tips for getting the perfect shot of our favorite city.

I love living in Chicago because it’s filled with opportunities to capture everyday things in beautiful ways. Getting the right shot sometimes comes at a cost. My favorite time of day to shoot the skyline is at dawn. You have to sacrifice some sleep to see the city in a light that you normally wouldn’t but seeing such a busy city at a time where everything is still is one of the best parts. Capture from the west so that the downtown is backlit. You’ll see beautiful hues of pink, purple, orange and everything in between.

Expose for the sky and let it fly.