Innovation Tank - A Hopewell Brewing Collab


Hopewell Brewing has been serving up hoppy lagers out of their Logan Square taproom since their inception. This month, we teamed up to make what the Hopewell crew calls a “Lupo Lager.” A Lupo Lager has all the hop expression of an IPA but the clean, easy drinking experience of a lager. “Lupo” refers to lupulin, the portion of the hop flower that contains most of the flavor and aroma compounds. 

I feel really good about our collaboration with Hopewell. It’ll feature an experimental hop variety grown by the USDA hop breeding program. The USDA hop breeding program aims to breed new varieties of hops that are aromatic, disease resistant, and free to use for US hop farmers. This new USDA hop should produce beautiful floral and citrus aroma that will make our beer truly unique. We’re excited to support the USDA breeding program, introduce a local brewery to all the good work they are doing, and hopefully find a brand-new hop for US farmers to grow in the future. 

Keep your eyes peeled for this beer on draft in the taproom soon. 

See you there, 


UPDATED 3/24: On draft now!