Innovation Tank - Talking February beers with Quinn


Our Innovation Manager, Quinn, and his team have been hard at work brewing up new beers for the month of February. As with all their new creations, they will be available at the Fulton Street Taproom. Check out Quinn’s notes below. 

  • Greyleander Bock - An amber bock with juniper berries: lagers are HOT right now. Usually associated with crush-ability and summer drinking, putting winter and lager together can be tricky to navigate. This comes from the mind of Fulton Street Brewer, Cory Compton, who recently welcomed a baby boy to his family. This beer is an homage to his new addition. It’s slightly darker in color with a nice complexity of caramel malts. This beer clocks in at 7.2% ABV and lives at the cross streets where winter comfort meets crisp drink-ability. We used juniper berries in the whirlpool and again during fermentation to lend a dark berry fruitiness along with a hint of spearmint. 

  • Black IPA - Some things that we’re into; a good malt backbone with a touch of roast in a well-made porter and nuanced hop flavor that bridges into complex and punchy aromatics. The distinct yet subtle difference between the character of bitterness that comes from hops versus that which comes from darker malts. Marrying all of these elements together is a technical challenge for the brewers but a wonderful drinking experience when it’s done right. Enter the black IPA style - this has become my personal unicorn. I’ve tried a few iterations here and while good, we haven’t been able to bridle that mythical beast and really showcase the best parts of that dark, complex world. I’ve teamed up with another black IPA enthusiast here at the brewery to finally get this bad boy in the spotlight. Expect depth of roasty chocolate-y malt character. 

  • Some Others - Small batch wine/beer hybrids and saisons currently aging in wine casks; some with fruit and some with funk. Some classic styles like American amber ales, west coast IPAs, and a red rye IPA. Last but certainly not least, more lagers (some with more regional focuses). 

Stay tuned for some updates on these and some other exciting projects we’re working on in the innovation tank. 

That’s all for now,