Canned Cocktails


What is a Canned Cocktail?  

  • In short, a canned cocktail or ready-to-drink cocktail is exactly that. A premade cocktail that is ready to drink in a can. Not to be confused with spiked seltzers.  
  • Ready to drink cocktails can be made with vodka, tequila, gin, and whiskey.  
  • For our canned cocktails, we chose to use 3-year aged bourbon.  

But aren’t you a beer company? Why canned cocktails?  

  • Goose Island brewers have been experimenting and blending with bourbon barrels for the better part of 30 years. 
  • Our hearts will always belong with beer, we are also true bourbon fans who enjoy premium cocktails. 
  • We’ve built relationships with some of the best distilleries in the world and have learned a thing or two about how to make the perfect cocktail.  

Why 3-year aged Bourbon? 

  • In our opinion, younger bourbon or whiskey doesn’t show the complex tasting notes of oak, vanilla and caramel that you can only get from aging in a barrel. 
  • RTDs can range from something strong and stirred to a more sessional refreshing cocktail over ice. At 9% ABV, our Craft Cocktails are approachable but still pack a little bourbon punch.  
  • Our canned cocktails are unique enough to excite the curiosity of new drinkers but have the complexity to satisfy any cocktail drinker or bourbon fan. 

Are Canned Cocktails good? What makes yours different? 

  • Our craft canned cocktails are not for the sugary RTD drinker or the sweet seltzer drinker. 
  • Our canned cocktails are for the bourbon fan who can appreciate barrel characteristics. 
  • Our ready-to-drink craft cocktails are for the connoisseur who knows exactly what ratio and flavors they want in their cocktails. 

Tell me more about your craft canned cocktails 

canned cocktails

Blackberry Smash 
  • Our Blackberry Smash is our nod to a perfect cocktail sipper. Fruit-forward, fizzy and easy to love. We paired blackberries with a slightly spicy, rye bourbon backbone and just enough mint to refresh and unwind on a long summer afternoon. No need to run out to buy any ingredients, just crack these open, Summer is already short enough. 
  • 9.0% ALC / VOL 
Old Fashioned Highball 
  • An Old Fashioned is a timeless whiskey cocktail. A true highball has a light, bubbly and refreshing character. We’ve brought the two together. Our take on a highball cocktail starts with the rye bourbon complexity, a touch of bitters, cane sugar, and a wisp of orange and cherry to round it out. So put the stir stick and peeler down, we already made this cocktail for you. 
  • 9.0% ALC / VOL 
Whiskey Sour 
  • If there is one cocktail to ease your way into the world of bourbon, this might be it. Subtly sweet, tart, and spicy, yet hardly shy. Our riff on a whiskey sour pays tribute to that classic balance with rye bourbon, both lemon and lime, and a subtle maraschino cherry finish. No need to wait any longer than you need to for this cocktail, it’s ready to enjoy. 
  • 9.0% ALC / VOL 

Ok, I’m into it. Can I find these Craft Cocktails Near Me?  

  • If you are in the Chicago area, yes! 
  • This list will tell you where to buy canned cocktails. If your local store isn’t listed here, let them know you want to our ready-to-drink cocktails.

Binny’s Beverage Depot 
Most Chicago-Area Locations 

Woodman’s Food Market 
27555 W IL Rt. 120 
McHenry, IL 

Woodman’s Food Market 
151 Hansen Blvd 
Aurora, IL 

Liquor Barn  
287 E Dundee Rd. 
Wheeling, IL 

Sam’s Liquor & Wine 
520 N IL Rt 31 
McHenry, IL 

Pete’s Fresh Market 
2526 W Cermak Rd 
Chicago, IL 

Cardinal Warehouse 
7780 N Milwaukee Ave 
Niles, IL 

Foremost Liquor 
1040 W Argyle St 
Chicago, IL 

Evans St Liquor Store 
1519 W 18th St 
Chicago, IL 

3529 Ridge Rd  
Lansing, IL