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Grit & Grain

"The biggest whale of all"

A small group of Heaven Hill bourbon barrels laid cast aside, forgotten in a rickhouse in the Kentucky countryside for 35 years. Barrels past 25 years old in the bourbon industry are not common. The oak staves expanded 35 sweltering summers, contracted for 35 bone cold winters. The Angel's share took nearly all the whiskey that lay in those neglected casks. The vessels arrived at Goose Island two years ago and general consensus was they looked worse for the wear. Seeing past physical imperfections, the brewers knew unique flavors lay locked within these seasoned barrels, and they knew just how to unlock them.

Thank You

For the last chapter of Grit & Grain, we would like to thank the men and women of the Bourbon industry. From the loggers, coopers, distillers, barrel wranglers, and everyone in between. During the making of Grit & Grain we have forged friendships for years to come. It took everyone involved to make the story of Bourbon County Stout come alive. Special thanks goes to; McGinnis Wood Products, John Evens Logging Company, Heaven Hill Distillery, The people of Bardstown, Kentucky, The Black Oil Brothers, and Independent Stave.