Devon Ave

Devon Ave. is a pale ale that recalls an age of daring exploration and trade across uncharted waters. This team set out on the brackish sea of
brewing innovation in search of a recipe that would honor age-old tradition and modern technique. The tradition of English brewing, the cuisine of India, and the knowledge of our brewers in Chicago converged at the Patel Brothers Spice House on Devon Ave. Here they found the spices they would use in the finished beer - amchoor spice, cardamom, ajowan, along with chai tea from David’s Tea in Canada. Nice clarity with a golden maple hue and a lasting cream-colored head; Harmonious balance of Chai blend, cinnamon, tropical green mango and a spicy earthiness; Complex blend of tart mango, thyme, mint, slightly smokey with a pleasant creamy mouthfeel; Dry with a mild astringency from the tea.