Bee Squad

At the corner of Fulton & Wood streets in Chicago, Goose Island’s original brewery has been a hub of innovation since its doors opened.  To this day, the spirit of experimentation remains strong with the Fulton & Wood series.  Each release gives Goose Island employees from throughout the company the chance to work with our brewers to concept new, exciting beers from scratch.

Bee Squad is a Biere de Miele traditionally brewed with honey. Bee Squad has a saison-like base combined with honey and apricot essences.  In the end, the beer is easy drinking and has a nice complexity for an 8% ABV beer. It has low hopping, but is refreshing and light for the ABV.

The name Bee Squad name was inspired both by the ingredients in the beer as well as the brewers on the team.  Goose Island’s Brewery on Fulton & Wood runs around the clock with teams of brewers splitting shifts in order to brew the beer you love.  Every brewer on Bee Squad’s team happens to be on the “B” brewing shift and call themselves the B Squad.

Saison with Honey and Apricots
Golden Blonde
2-Row, Dark Wheat, Flaked Barley, Honey Malt