Our Barrels
Chapter 2 – Bourbon History
"Hooked on bourbon ever since"

Chicago Bar Manager Phil Olson has a deep affinity for bourbon, and the knowledge to back it up. Phil clarifies what distinguishes bourbon from whiskey and clears any other common myths. Bourbon is America’s only native spirit, the history of which is intertwined with the history of the country as it expanded westward. In addition to a layered and complex spirit, the Bourbon industry has another byproduct that’s in high demand, charred American White Oak barrels. Today the bourbon and beer industries have crossed paths. Needless to say, Bourbon County Stout owes everything to the men and women of the Bourbon industry.


A big hearty thanks goes to Phil Olsen and his staff for taking us into their establishment with open arms and full glasses. Phil’s passionate telling of the Bourbon Industry and its storied past was validation that we were filming the right person.