Zero Waste Success at the 312 Block Party

Posted on Monday, November 9, 2015 by Ian Hughes

With the awesome support of Bright Beat, our Green Goose volunteers, and everyone in attendance at this year’s 312 Urban Block Party, we diverted over 5,600 pounds of solid waste from the landfill to achieve a 95.4% diversion rate overall!  Only 270 pounds of solid waste was sent to the landfill after over 10,000 people invaded Fulton Street for the whole 2-day event! 

Inspired by our Fulton Street brewery’s goal of “zero waste,” our Green Goose Team was on a mission to minimize the waste footprint of our annual 312 Urban Block Party.  To ensure sustainability success, we partnered with our friends at Bright Beat. Stephanie and her team were an integral part in making this happen as they identified all waste streams, communicated our zero waste goals to all stakeholders, and provided the infrastructure and Eco Educators during the festival to not only make a zero waste event happen, but also to educate and engage attendees while they were rocking out at the festival!

We diverted 95.4% of our solid waste from landfill over the full two days of the festival, which was well above what we thought we could do!  In addition to recycling over 2,000 pounds of cans, cups, and cardboard, we also collected 3,200 pounds of organic waste and sent it off to be composted with the help of Resource Center Chicago. We even recycled all of the denim pant legs (225 pounds) generated from the custom jorts cutting station through USAgain textile recycling!   See below for the final diversion stats:

Material Type

Pounds Collected

Overall Percent

Organics/Food Waste



Mixed Recyclables



Denim Pant Legs









Total Diversion



Huge thanks to Bright Beat, all of our Green Goose Eco Educator volunteers, and to all of the vendors for helping make our goal of Zero Waste a reality at this year’s 312 Block Party!  Lastly, thank YOU for attending this year’s 312 Block Party and helping us make it greener through being recycling and composting rock stars! See you next year!

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