Meet Our Brewmaster Jared Jankoski

Posted on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 by Jared Jankoski

Goose Island's Brewmaster, Jared Jankoski is responsible for creative and technical development of Goose Island's award-winning portfolio of beers.

Goose Island's Head Brewer since June of 2012, Jankoski was promoted to Brewmaster in March of 2015. Goose Island's fourth Brewmaster, Jankoski is poised to continue the company's growth as it sets the stage for the future.  “Being brewmaster is about a commitment to quality from raw material to packaged beer, scrutinizing every process in between to always try to improve,” says Jankoski.“We are our own toughest critics in an effort to put out the best beer we can.”

“Our priority remains evolving our foundation to facilitate innovation technically, create new beers that intrigue and are enjoyable, and make this a great place to work by putting people first and having fun.  We do make beer after all.”

Prior to Goose Island, the Wisconsin native worked at New Glarus Brewing from 2005-2012.  During that time, constant expansion and upgrading gave a valuable foundation in process flow, efficiency and quality.

Jankoski realized his passion for the sciences early on, which was cemented during a high school chemistry class and he credits the teacher for bringing out everyone’s best strengths. After doing well in the AP class, Jankoski decided chemistry would make a great focus for college and started home brewing. It was always his dream to brew for life, but at the time didn’t know if it was a viable career. Jankoski pursued his interest in chemistry and graduated with a BS from University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire in 1999.  Prior to becoming a brewer professionally, he completed the American Brewer’s Guild diploma course in brewing. 

With a strong belief in quality and establishing a solid foundation, Jankoski’s experience at Goose Island has allowed him to focus on building a strong team and improve the foundation for making great beer to better accommodate the diverse family of brews produced in Chicago.

“I love working at Goose Island because it’s a very team oriented, inclusive place to work.  Giving many different people the chance to contribute is one of the things has gone into the creation of some of our best beers and adds fulfillment and meaning to people’s work here.  It just makes our work more fun.”