Ladies Beer Academy is Back

Posted on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 by Suzanne Wolcott - Resident Beer Education Expert

Hellooo Ladies.....

If you find yourself like many burgeoning beer enthusiasts, eager to learn how that delicious pint you are drinking is made but lack the academic drive to study up on your own, then hold onto your glasses because...

Goose Island is proud to bring back Ladies Beer Academy with fresh new topics and fantastic new and exclusive beers. Drink, laugh and learn with your fellow female beer fans in a fun and casual environment from our own resident beer education expert and Certified Cicerone, Suzanne Wolcott.

The Ladies Beer Academy will be comprised of 30 female members who will attend a once a month, 5 class series of classes. Ladies of all experience levels are welcome to become members as classes begin with the essentials and quickly escalate to the deeper understanding of brewing technologies and sensory expertise. Members will be given a (flattering!) Ladies Beer Academy custom t-shirt, poster and commemorative glass. Upon completion of the coursework (attending and participating in the 5 classes) and passing a final exam members will receive their certification and forever enjoy an "industry" discount in our Goose Island Taproom.

Class Syllabus:

Class 1: Brewing 101 & Beer Appreciation:  Members will learn the basics of brewing with an overview (smelling, tasting, rubbing) of raw ingredients while exploring the brewery on an in depth tour. The second part of the class will be a tasting and formal critical evaluation of selected Goose Island beers.

Class 2: Off Flavor Lab: Members will taste through 7 major off flavor spiked beer to properly learn to identify off flavors plus their causes. Class will include a tour of our lab with our lady lead lab tech explaining the equipment we use to analyze our beers for quality control.

 Class 3: Fundamentals of Beer and Food Pairing: Members will participate in a sensory exercise to explore how detection, perception and olfaction come together to determine how food and beer interactions work. Class will continue with a 5 small bite courses and paired beers with discussion on how, what and why the pairings work.

Class 4: Barrels and Bugs: Goose Island’s Sour Sisters are incredibly complex beers that are complicated to make. In this class Members will learn how unique bacterium and yeast strains work in harmony during carefully monitored secondary fermentation to create our fruited sour Belgian styles ales. Class will include tasting of these beers including samples taken directly from the barrel of fermenting beers.

 Class 5: Anatomy of a Barrel: Learn the art of aging and blending bourbon barrel aged beers and discover the magic behind the our world famous Bourbon County Stout. Class will include an in depth tour of our enormous new barrel facility and a vertical tasting of 3 vintages of BCS plus samples taken directly from aging barrels.   

Stun your friends with your abounding beer knowledge and sensory savvy. Space is very limited so hurry and sign up to reserve your space in this exciting and exclusive Ladies Only Beer Academy! Classes will be held on the third Wednesday of each month from Oct 21-Feb 17 from 6:30-8:30pm.


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