Goose Goes to Europe

Posted on Tuesday, March 24, 2015 by Mike - Social Media

14 days, 14 breweries, 3 Countries, 10 trains, and one beat up rental car. From January 4th until January 18th, Brewmaster Brett Porter and Innovation Manager Mike Siegel set out on a beer pilgrimage to Belgium, England, and the Netherlands. This trip was unlike anything the two had ever undertaken. Sure, they’ve had their fair share of beer-laden trips across the pond. But this excursion was an ambitious, fast paced, down to the second (Like running to the next train second) trip with a mission. The mission, travel back to the roots of Goose Island's heritage, all the while looking ahead. Why travel so far? Why visit so many people and breweries? Because that's what beer does. Anyone who has a passion for beer can attest that this particular liquid, perhaps more than any other, summons a passion and thirst for knowledge that will take you to some far away places. All in the name of beer. Don’t let us bore you with any more words, look through the pictures and watch their trip unfold.