#312Day.What's Urban to You

Posted on Thursday, March 3, 2016 by 312

Cycling down Milwaukee Ave after work to your corner bar amongst bustling traffic and green haired professionals making their commute home. You arrive at your spot only to see the bike rack is full, but you’re adaptable and that parking sign looks pretty secure. Bike is locked and you’re sipping a hard earned 312 Wheat on a well worn bar top who’s scratched inscriptions tell a story richer than anything you can watch on that flickering tube TV hanging on the wall. Your friends show up, the night progresses, the venue changes and fun continues. Now its 2am and you need snacks, like now. Just then, a local street vendor/hero affectionately named Tamale Guy walks in with a beat up cooler filled to the brim with some fresh homemade tamales. Hunger satisfied for the low price of 5 dollars, you move on to a bar that is open long enough to ensure that you see the morning sun rise over the skyline. This is your life in Chicago and you couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. This experience is uniquely Chicago, yet no guidebook leads the out of towners past the main attractions; Michigan Ave, The Bean, The Sears Tower. Those are great and you will always bring your Aunt Betty from out of town to them, but what makes your city great can’t be defined by a single iconic building or stretch of road. Instead, a great city like Chicago is made up of a layered cast of characters, venues, and activities. That’s what 312 Day is all about. Celebrating the weird bits of urban life that you can’t live without.

Yeah yeah, we know great urban expanses exist outside of our hot dog-infused bubble here in Chicago, that’s why 312 Day isn’t just for Chicagoans. March 12th is day for everybody, in any city throughout this great beer-drinking land to celebrate and showcase the weird and offbeat that make a city unique. This is where you come in. We want to see what makes YOUR city great. Its 2015, so of course we’re taking this to instagram. Show Goose Island some love by following us and then use #312Day and #Contest in a picture that would make your city proud. Did we mention we’re giving away 3 pairs of tickets to this year’s 312 Urban Block Party with included airfare to the 3 best instas? Well we just did, so unbox that selfie stick Aunt Betty got you for Christmas and do what ever you need to do. Let us know, What’s Urban to You?

Watch the 2015 #312Day video below staring our very own employee band. 

Official Rules : www.gooseisland.com/312dayrules

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