312 Day
We wanted another reason to drink beer in the middle of March that didn't involve green beer, so we came up with 312 Day: a made up holiday on March 12th that celebrates everything we love about Chicago. It’s a day dedicated to you, the people that inspire and create this city’s amazing culture. No made up holiday is complete without a party, so we’re doing it big at The House of Vans on 3.12.18 with a performance by Danny Brown and the official release of our new 312 Dry-Hopped
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We invited 11 Chicago artists to create 312 and Chicago inspired skateboard decks for charity. Vote on your favorite deck below and the winner will receive $15,000 to give to the charity of their choice. All other artists will receive $1,000 for their respective charities.
Tap on photo to vote and learn more about each artist’s charity

Junk Yard - @junkyardchicago


Charity: PAWS

Since the launch of Paws in 1998, the killings of homeless pets have declined more than 80%. Being a lover of all animals and since I cannot have pets of my own in my apartment, I’ve decided to continue to support this mission. It’s important to have a no-kill shelter for homeless pets.

Learn More Here: http://pawschicago.org


Shelby Rodeffer - @smellby


Charity: Chicago Women’s Health Center.

I support their mission to provide woman and trans people with nondiscriminatory, pay-what-you-can healthcare.

Learn More Here: http://chicagowomenshealthcenter.org


Sick Fisher - @sickfisher


Charity: American Diabetes Association

I chose the American Diabetes Association because I was diagnosed with type one diabetes only a year and a half ago, and I'm 32… so it was a sudden shift in my life.

Learn More Here: http://diabetes.org


Ryan Duggan - @drugfactorypress


Charity: Chicago Community Bond Fund.

My wife and I give to this charity because they do an overlooked but crucial service for people - They help get people out on bond while awaiting trial. Trial can take months on end can cost people their jobs, housing, custody of children, etc.

Learn More Here: https://www.chicagobond.org/


Goosenek - @g00senek


Charity: The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation

This organization is a family run operation supporting cancer victims and their families get through the most difficult times. I believe that it takes a team effort when battling cancer and that’s what the Anthony Rizzo foundation is all about.

Learn More Here: http://rizzo44.com/mission-statement/


Caroline Liu - @catsandart 


Charity: The Art of Life

The Arts of Life provides access to studio spaces and programming to artists with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The organization helps to foster collective experiences that strengthens their arts practice, as well as their leadership skills. I chose this organization for a variety of reasons that resonate with me personally. For a few years, I worked as a home health aide for children and adults with disabilities. I now have close bonds with many of the families I used to work with, and I've seen firsthand how important and impactful the arts can be. My work is also very much a therapeutic practice to me. As an artist who has a handful of invisible disabilities, my art practice is so essential in providing me with a sense of grounding, purpose, and visual exploration of my everyday struggles. I would love to be able to give back to an organization that helps others to grow, explore, and find respite within their art practice.

Learn More Here: https://artsoflife.org


Knox Fortune - @knoxfortune


Charity: The Greater Chicago Food Depository

I chose the Greater Chicago Food Depository because I believe that healthy, fresh food should be affordable and attainable for everyone; regardless of income or neighborhood.

Learn More Here: https://www.chicagosfoodbank.org/


Oj Hays - @ojhays


Charity: Social Works

I chose Social works for their continued support of Chicago education; particularly the arts!

Learn More Here: http://socialworkschi.org


Clay Frankel - @twinpeaksdudes


Charity: Puerto Rico Rises

Puerto Rico Rises- Chicago Chapter.

Learn More Here: http://Puertoricorises.com


Peter Gamen - @kandyvan 


Charity: K94Keeps

K94Keeps, was founded in 2011 and is a 100% volunteer run, non-profit organization here in Chicago. They believe that bringing a dog into your family is forever, and they provide getting, housing, foster, and adoption services of dogs surrendered by their owners or rescued from Chicagoland kill shelter.

Learn More Here: http://k94keeps.org


Erik Lundquist - @funbeerd


Charity: The Cancer Support Center

The Cancer Support Center is close to home -- both personally and geographically. As someone who is currently going through cancer treatment and as the son of a breast cancer survivor, The Cancer Support Center provides an invaluable service to the south suburbs of Chicago by giving strength, guidance and support to anyone living with a cancer diagnosis.

Learn More Here: http://cancersupportcenter.org/


During the most recent hop harvest, our Brewmaster, Jared, got the notion to put some fresh hops into his pint of 312. He liked it so much that we decided to introduce it to Chicago. 312 Dry-Hopped has all of the lemony, doughy notes we love in 312 with extra brightness from the dry-hopping with Saaz hops. Drink it fresh. Hope you like it.
312 Wheat
Inspired by the city of Chicago and densely populated with flavor, 312’s spicy aroma of Cascade hops is followed by a crisp, fruity ale flavor delivered in a smooth, creamy body that’s immensely refreshing.